Aims and Scope

Literature is the reflection of life, and the exploration and analysis related with it assumes a crucial part in making life more lovely and simple to make it better and live it well. The primary motivation behind drawing out the Zauq-e-Tahqeeq Research Journal is to advance the pattern of artistic, etymological and relative exploration and analysis.

Through the articles published in the Zauq-e-Tahqeeq Research Journal, the efforts of researchers, critics and Urdu linguistics experts are presented to the world and an attempt is made to provide a platform to these scholars where they can present their research and become aware about the new trends of the world's criticism & research.

Coverage Area: Language and Literature which including review of comparative literature, modern literature, creative expressions, new literary history, practice and theory of creative writing literature and language, methodologies of literature and language, Theories and practice of literary studies, linguistics, stylistics, research and developments in language and literature education, Language and Literature explores the connection between stylistics and critical theory, linguistics, language assessment and language for special purposes, language planning and policies, conversation analysis, translation studies, sociology of literature, academic exchange, languages and cultures, cross-cultural studies, literary criticism, etc.

Zauq-e-Tahqeeq covers the following fields of the arts and humanities:

  • Urdu Linguistics and Literature
  • Urdu Poetry, Drama, Prose
  • Iqbal Studies