Aims and Scope

Aims & Scope

Literature is the reflection of life, and the exploration and analysis related with it assumes a crucial part in making life more lovely and simple to make it better and live it well. The primary motivation behind drawing out the Zauq-e-Tahqeeq Research Journal is to advance the pattern of artistic, etymological and relative exploration and analysis.

Through the articles published in the Zauq-e-Tahqeeq Research Journal, the efforts of researchers, critics and Urdu linguistics experts are presented to the world and an attempt is made to provide a platform to these scholars where they can present their research and become aware about the new trends of the world's criticism & research.

  • Its main aim is to provide a platform for the researchers, academicians, professionals and students to share their knowledge with the others in the form of good quality research papers from all over the world.
  • Research journal Zauq-e-Tahqeeq focuses the literary & linguistic research, editing, and modern criticism using modern research techniques in Urdu Language, Linguistics, and Literature.
  • Research papers that address the links between Urdu and other languages and their literature are also considered for publishing in this journal.
  • Research papers dealing with the teaching of local and international languages ​​and their literature included in the curriculum in Pakistan will also be considered for publication in this Urdu language journal
  • Zauq-e-Tahqeeq accepts manuscripts, review articles, and commentaries on any aspect of Urdu language and literature. Submissions of research and critical works from the perspectives of Urdu language, linguistics, and literature are encouraged; however, all submissions must be written in Urdu only. The journal does not accept submissions in any language other than Urdu.
  • The mission of Zauq-e-Tahqeeq is to advance knowledge and understanding of the Urdu language and literature, as well as to encourage best practises in teaching and learning at all levels.