Religious Elements in Majeed Amjad’s Poetry

  • Dr. Shumila Suleman Department of Urdu ,Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology ,Islamabad
  • Dr. Ahmad Hussain Hadi America (Hosten)
Keywords: Majeed, Islam, Culture, Khuda, ethics, religious thoughts, explore, elements


Literature, across the word, considered a soft and delicate form of expression. The primary object of any art is to provide joy and happiness to its readers. But beside this what the literature (including other art) reflects, is values and norms of the society. Between the lines a moral message always remains to educate the man.Before Bible, the Greek writers, preferred to keep writings in accordance with ethics of the society. In Roman Empire, literature accepted the influence of Christianity. Then Italian, English, French and German Literatures kept on this practice. In East religions and its teachings can be seen, i.e “Mahabharat” Folk stories of mahatma Budh and Maha vir’s teachings.Urdu Poetry, from the very beginning, used Islamic element in its content in various ways. Majeed Amjad while impressing the cultural parts also gave importance to religious thoughts Efforts has been made to explore those elements in this article.

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