An Explorative and Critical Analysis of Doctor Suhail Bukhari’s Theory of Origin of Urdu

  • Dr. Amir Rasheed Assistant Professor,Department of Urdu,Govt.Associate College,Kot Radha Kishen,Kasur
Keywords: Aryan, Dravidian, Evalution, Khari Boli, Maharashtri, Origin, Parakrit, Sanskrit, Urdu


Dr. Suhail Bukhari, a linguist, research scholar and critic, claims that Urdu is not an Indo-Aryan language but a Dravidian one. He lays down that Urdu is pre-Aryan language, quite separate from Sanskrit, whose origin is purely Indian and Dravidian. He further says that Prakrit are the Dravidian languages which were spoken in India before the arrival of Aryans. He claims that Urdu originated form Maharashtari Parakrit instead of Shaursaini Prakrit. Majority of linguists do not agree with Suhail Bukhari’s theory of origin of Urdu. Present study is an Explorative and Critical Analysis of Doctor Suhail Bukhari’s Theory in the light of historical linguistics and views of other experts. Dr. Sohail Bukhari has also presented a lot of capital words in support of his claim and has used some of them in his writings, which makes his writing feel different from the normal mood of Urdu. Capital words do not in any way prove that one language is derived from another.

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