Creation of Magical Reality in“ Tota Kahani”

  • Muhammad Ramzan Ph۔D Urdu,Research Scholar, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
  • Dr. Ambreen Tabbasum Shakir Jan Associate Professor, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
  • Dr.Humaira Sadiq Qureshi Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, FG, Postgraduate College, Rawalpindi Cantt
Keywords: incontrovertible, Tauta Kahani, Sanskrit literature, simplicitor manner, inspiration, composition, chronological


The incontrovertible Sanskrit lineage of the narrative "Tauta Kahani" can be unequivocally attributed to its origin in Tati. Within the corpus of Sanskrit literature, there exist two distinct iterations of this narrative. One embodies an orantic style, while the other presents itself in a plain simplicitor manner. The former rendition draws from select accounts of women displaying deviant behavior and quite likely found inspiration from an erstwhile shak sap tatti. The latter version is authored by a myriad of Jains, numbering a hundred thousand, and is predicated upon a poetic composition. The precedence of this version is unquestionable, yet its chronological provenance remains undetermined. The twelfth century yields testimony from a subset of individuals affirming the existence of Shak Sab Tatti within the realm of Shastra.

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