Environmental Criticism and Amna Mufti's Novel “Pani Mar raha Hai”

  • Muhammad Burhan Hassan Visiting Lecturer, Department of Urdu ,Government College University, Lahore
  • Ammara Liaqat Visiting Lecturer, Department of Urdu , Lahore College For Women University, Lahore
Keywords: Urdu Novel, Amna Mufti, Ecocriticism, Pollution, Environmental, Criticism, literature, distorting, nature


Environmental or Eco criticism is an important trend developing in Urdu literature. In today’s revolutionary era, where the machine has created many conveniences, due to this, the society has also faced some challenges, in which a major challenge is the survival of the environment in which we breathe. The fumes of factories, vehicles and other machines have polluted the air and water. This subject has not been regularly written in Urdu literature for a long time, Amina Mufti’s work “Pani Mur Raha Hai” is a unique novel written on this subject which is tried to be understood here in the context of Ecocriticism. Environmental education has started to be given for environmental consciousness and awareness from which human beings can benefit immensely. It is man's job to benefit from nature, while today's man is engaged in fulfilling his desires by distorting the system of nature.

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