Contemporary and Allama Iqbal’s Urdu Poetry

  • Dr. Muhammad Shouket Ali Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Lahore Leads University, Lahore
Keywords: Allama Iqbal’s poetry, Ideology, Materialism, Spirituality, Universality, Attractiveness, Prominent


This article presents a 21 century scenario from Iqbal’s Urdu poetry. Allama Iqbal’s poetry has high ideology. He does not believe in materialism in the development and promotion of the world, but spirituality is more important to him in the satisfaction of life. He has developed purpose, universality, emotions and feelings in poetry. In his words, aspects of vision, attractiveness, connectedness with life, well-being expansion and comfort are prominent. Even in the 21 century, Iqbal’s poetry has a wide range of social, cultural, economic, moral, political and spiritual aspects for the world of humanity. Iqbal’s poetry is full of the message of the first and last life. His poetry sends a message of unity to the Islamic nation in modern times. There is a lesson in the survival of the Islamic world in his poetry. 

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