Progressivism in Krishan Chander’s novel''Jab Khet Jaage"

  • Dr. Muhammad Mohsin(Sahil Sulehry) Incharge, Allama Iqbal Library, Sialkot
Keywords: Krishan Chander, Fiction Writer, Novelt, Progressivism, Rakhu Rao, Veerya, Jagannath Reddy, Chandri, Peasant, Vitti, Landlord


Karishan Chander is a prominent novelist of Urdu literature. He was born November 23, 1914 in Bharatpur, Rajasthan India. He wrote many Urdu short story and novels.He was an important progressive novelist.In his novels, Marx’s thought and philosophy, social inequality and class division have been made the subject,In his novels there is compassion, pain and philanthropy.Krishan Chander is a story teller of man. Krishan Chader preaches hid Marxist ideas in his novel. He has described the helplessness, impoverishment, narrowness and exploitation of man. He has mentioned the events, facts and problems of contemporary life. In the novel “ Jab Khet Jaage’’ Krishan Chander has made the peasant’s revolution and rebellion the subject. The hero of the novel Rakho Rao demand their right and justice.

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