Pahari and Urdu linguistic similarities

  • Dr.Muhammad Sadiq Assistant Professor, Govt. Post Graduate College Channari, Azad Kashmir
  • Dr.Husnain Khan Sawati Ph.d Urdu, Hazara University, Mansehra
Keywords: Paharhi, important language, indoõAryan, similarities, feminine, masculine


Paharhi is one of the  important language of sub continent.It is an indoõAryan language spoken in many parts of india as well as pakistan õHazara division and kashmir. Both the languages,paharhi and Urdu belong to the same language group of Aryan languages Iõe.Indo Arya.There are many similar ties in both the languages.Most verbs í nouns and rules of grammers are similar or there is a slight difference.In this artical these,similarities between paharhi and Urdu languages have been analyzed. Arabic and Persian, which have influences on both Pahari and Urdu languages, the Persian script has also led to the rules, syntax and vocabulary of both languages. So when we look at the basic rules of Urdu and Pahari, many things look the same. For example, in both Pahari and Urdu, all languages ​​are feminine and days and months are masculine. Similarly, the names of prayers in both languages ​​are feminine. share.

Key words: Paharhi, important language, indoõAryan, similarities, feminine, masculine

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