Some Semantic Aspects of the War of Independence of 1857

  • Hafsa Sania Lecturer, Department of Urdu,The Islamia University, Bahwalpur
  • Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Emerson University, Multan
Keywords: 1857, War of Independence, Informant, Reward, English, Letters, Post-Colonial, Criticism


After 150 years of this historic catastrophe ,certain dimensions of this war of independence/mutiny were highlighted by historians and scholars of Sub continent while going through the secret and semisecret documents. So many books in Urdu and English were Published. The fast-growing trend of post-colonial criticism in Urdu has produced some historical documents, otherwise letters of Mirza Ghalib, some novels of Nazeer Ahmad, stories of Khwaja Hassan Nizami or undertone of some of the verses of Hali and Ismail Mirthi gave some glimpses of that period.  Now historians of the mutiny/war of independence [1857] have produced other version of this turmoil in contrast to Zaka Ullah .  The British bestowed various titles and rewards on their loyalists and elites in return for protecting the interests of the Englishs. The article under review sheds light on these secret corners which reveal new semantic aspects. References_in_Roman_Script_page-0001.jpg


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