Water Quality Of Multan and Faisalabad

  • M. Umer Farooq Mujahid University of Health Sciences, Lahore
Keywords: Water Quality (WQ), Multan (M), Faisalabad (F), Groundwater (GW), methodologies


Pakistan is recognized for its excellent surface and groundwater resources; this research study based on water quality of Multan and Faisalabad research conducted in Pakistan and data collected from Google. The rapid population growth, urbanization, and unsustainable water consumption practices have had a negative effect on the overall and quantity of water resources in Pakistan. Research target proposing potential methodologies for satisfying such solicitation under various ecological limitations. Chenab River is the space's standard and the principle wellspring of surface water and groundwater re-energize. Overall results founded that the water quality of Faisalabad is better than the water quality of Multan.

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