Mir Taqi Mir is Love and Demons in Poetry: A Critical Study

  • Muhammd Shouket Ali Lecturer, Department of Urdu, Aspire College, Manawa, Lahore
Keywords: Mir Taqi Mir, Critical Review, Poetic, Meaning, Universality, Love and Jinn, Symbolism, Prominent


In this article, a critical review of the poems related to love and weight in the poetry of Mir Taqi Mir has been presented. The greatness of his personality and thought is evident in Urdu literature. Everyone is fascinated by his poetic meaning. In his poetry “love and jinn” is one such aspect which has elevated his poetic aspects. Love reflects the concepts and ideas of universal universality and Mir had made love his veil in his early days. This promoted the real symbolism of life in his poetry and he reached a high level of fame. In his case, the aspects of virtual, real and abstract concepts of love are prominent. In abstract concepts, love is centered on universe and the attribute of God. Mir creates a universal state between jinn and love. The colors of his love are diverse and the moods of longing, loyalty, need and emotion are prominent in them.

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