Nazir Akbar Abadi in the Context of Modern Times

  • Noreen Rizvi Ph.D Urdu Scholar, Department of Urdu, Garrison University, Lahore
Keywords: Nazir Akbar Abadi, His poetry, Described, Ordinary topics, Universal, Civilization, Revolutionized


Nazir Akbar Abadi is a famous Urdu poet. All colors of life are present in his poetry He has written on ordinary topics which were ignored by other poets. The vocabulary of Nazir’s poetry is very useful in compiling Urdu English Hindustani dictionary. All the religions, customs and festivals of India are the subject of his poetry. His poetry represents a section of society which has been ignored by the poets of that time. Nazir is a great Urdu naturalist poet. He has described every color of nature in poetry. He is poet of common man and all problems of common people are presented in his poetry. His poetry encompasses the whole of human society, His poetry is universal and his style is style of common man. Nazir describes in his poetry even the smallest incidents of daily life. When Nazir’s regained consciousness, Muslims were in decline .the changing civilization had revolutionized the whole society. Nazir faced the situation with the help of satire and humor. His aim was to reform the nation. He was against western education because this education taking the girls away from their own culture. Nazir’s poetry is not only a reflection of his own era but also reflects the problems of the present era.

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