Languages ​​of Punjab in the Context of Diverse Accents

  • Dr. Uzma Bashir Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, G.C Women University ,Faisalabad
Keywords: Punjab, IndoAryan, Sanskrit, Prakrit, phonology, heritage


Languages of Punjab have multifarious accents. Humans are related to language since the origin of this universe. Language is basically structured system of communication used by humans, consisting of sounds, syllables and gestures. Philosophers and literary scholars define language in multiple ways. Punjabi language is Indo-Aryan native language of Indian and Pakistani Punjab. It's Etymology is derived from, the word PUNJAB, a land of five rivers. Punjabi language developed from Sanskrit to Prakrit and then into Paishachi and Pali. It was lexically influenced by different cultures. It has many dialects such as Majhi, Multani, Shahpuri, dhani, pothohari, chachhi, saraiki, malwai, pothohari and many others. Its phonology is very deep rooted and emerged with historical perspectives. Its script is Gurmakhi in India and Shahmakhi in Pakistan. Punjabi language has literary history with cultural spheres.  Recently some softwares have been launched to transform this cultural heritage into other scripts of Punjabi.

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