The post-colonial study of N.M Rashid s' Poetry

  • Dr.Abdul Sattar Niazi Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, University of Sialkot, Sialkot
Keywords: Rashid, colonial system, Iranian women, countless political, social problems, helplessness


Rashid was educated and appointed in Iran as an important member of the colonial system. He minutely observed the demerits of this system. He expressed abhorrence against colonialism in his writings; a few glimpses of this abhorrence are visible in Mawara. The same passion gets more intense in Iran where Iranian women were willing to do prostitution for two times’ a square meal. This hunger created countless political, economic and social problems. These problems have been analyzed in this abstract so that the coming generations should know how developed countries-imposed helplessness on developing countries and how the former looted the latterRashid

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