A research and critical review of Dr. Waheed-Ur-Rehman Khan's comedy

  • Muhammad Ramzan Ph.D Urdu Scholar, Department of Urdu, NUML, Islamabad
Keywords: Universality, Literature, Sublimation, Imagination, Social Realism, Climax, fictional


The image of satire in modern Urdu prose the color of pure humor in shades appears obvious with its distinctive shagyness and rancor.The name of Dr. Waheed ur Rehman khan also appears in modern Urdu prose comics.Spontaneity and fluency are very prevalent in their urdu prose.Laughter with life is a witness to the fact that every artist is primarily an artist. Dr.Waheed ur Rahman Khan does not tolerate social unevenness, but they express it in light humor, conveying its impressions to others.Immaturity in their style is not reflected anywhere. There is no doubt that his style of writing is fictional.

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